Birfday Celebrations, Networking, and Marketing

Had a fantastic evening last night at the birfday celebration of a friend and realized two things that I wanted to share with you.

1. People are connected in the most ridiculous ways.
2. A good experience will have you talking for years.

1. One of the people at the party asked what my story was, told them that I was from PA, writing, working, etc. Found out, they're from PA, too. Near King of Prussia, in a little town called Phoenixville. I said that I've been there, even stopped at a restaurant called the Epicurean. It's the only thing that I remember about the trip. I know who I went with, some footbag friends of mine, Jamie and Garth... but that's about it... Who I was with and that restaurant.

Then the craziness hits. She worked there. She asked what year, and I said it had to have been 98 or 99... she was the hostess... So now, 15 years later, I'm talking to a woman who sat me, in another state, at the only thing about a town I can remember... We immediately went to her fiancee and told him all about it! Which leads me to...

2. 15 years ago I went to a restaurant that was so good that I brought it up in a conversation. THAT is good service. THAT is what I want people to think when they read something I've written or meet me. I want that kind of service. I want people to remember the way I made them feel years after meeting me. And I think you should too.

Talk to ya tomorrow,