Book 2: Oxygen

Opening of Oxygen:

Act 1: A Gathering
Yes, that’s me getting a blow-job from my business ethics professor. No, it’s not the first time.
“Has anyone ever started a church to make money?”
My professor looks up at me with a semi-erect penis in her mouth and says, “Arr ew eriouf?”
Apparently, talking shop is on her list of no-nos, at least mid BJ.
“Yeah, this isn’t working for me anyway.” I pull out and pull up my Calvin Klein Jeans. A Ben Sherman button-up hangs snug on my shoulders and I catch a glimpse of cellulite on her ass and almost throw up. Her office hours are usually half-spent talking to the other MBA students and half-spent with me in or around her mouth. It’s not the fact that she’s hot, because she’s not, it’s about power.