Pain, it's what's for breakfast

It's morning again. Last night was full of nightmares. But, at least I have work to distract me, while my stomach turns, my appetite disappears, and my faith in most people disappears. Maybe I'm just being a drama queen.

The first was a flood overtaking a town I've never been to. I could feel myself floating through the currents, keeping my feet in front of me so anything I would come across would hit my feet first. I remember the water being cold and no matter what, I couldn't grab on to anything to stop myself.

The second, I was with someone I used to know. We were being attacked by a dog that had scars on his nose from fighting. While the person I was with, ran away, I was left to fight, and I did, but even while I was fighting the dog off, I felt bad for him. He was turned into that by someone or other dogs. You aren't born angry, something does it to you.

That being said, how do we change who we've turned in to? How do we grab on to what we have no control over? How do you move forward without a safety net? Maybe I'll answer that, tomorrow?

I hope,